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Situated in scenic Cedar City, Utah, Moonridge Academy offers numerous educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities. Student activities include team sports like volleyball and basketball, recreational therapy activities such as equine therapy, rope courses, hiking, and horseback riding, and numerous cultural activities that are highlighted by the Tony Award winning Shakespearean Festival.

Physical fitness plays a key role in regulating emotions in girls struggling with depression and other mood disorders. Therefore, Moonridge Academy girls aerobically exercise (usually jogging) at least three times weekly in order to maintain a base level of physical fitness. In the majority of cases, girls leave Moonridge Academy much more fit than when they were admitted and come to find regular exercise as both enjoyable and necessary for emotional fitness.

Moonridge Academy is dedicated to providing a wide variety of activities for your daughter specifically designed to teach independence, life skills, teamwork, leadership and problem solving. Because this age group responds so well to recreational teaching opportunities, activities are a key part of the therapeutic formula at Moonridge Academy.

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