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Physical Examination
Once students arrive at Moonridge Academy RTC, they receive a health and physical exam by our nurse. If your daughter is being transferred in from another treatment center, we will obtain a copy of the most recent physical received by the student at that location. Any other pertinent medical reports will be requested as necessary.

Medical, Psychiatric, and Dental Care
Parents need to send a copy of their insurance card and any other pertinent information to Moonridge Academy RTC at time of admission. In the event that a student requires an off-campus doctor, specialist, or psychiatric visit, our staff nurse will contact you, if possible, in order to obtain your approval for the visit. Wile Moonridge Academy does provide insurance billing services for parents, much of that work must be set up and completed by the parents and our role, therefore, is to assist parents in obtaining insurance reimbursement as opposed to doing it all for them. Our nurse will schedule your daughter to see our psychiatrist for both an evaluation and for follow-up visits as necessary. Excellent medical care is located within minutes from our location. If your daughter requires orthodontic or other specialist care, these services are also available locally. In the event that an escort is required for the off-campus visit, escort fees will be charged as applicable.

Prescription Medications
We ask you to send with your daughter a 30-day supply of medications when she comes to Moonridge Academy. Please help us by having your physician list the following information on every prescription for your daughter:

1. Drug name
2. Proper dosage amount (i.e., 200mg or 2 tsp.)
3. Recommended administration times
    (especially when different from the label)

Initially Moonridge Academy can refill prescriptions in a number of different ways. We can have your current pharmacist transfer the prescription over to our pharmacist or you may mail in refills. Following admission, our psychiatrist will assess, monitor, and possibly prescribe different medications based on his assessment of your daughterís condition. Our staff will always attempt to contact you about any changes in your daughterís medical condition and/or medications.

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