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There are three core beliefs that we share at Moonridge Academy. These beliefs are the reason why we do what we do:

First, we believe that there is a Higher Power greater than ourselves. We are accountable to our Higher Power for our choices. We are dependant on our Higher Power for help to change.

Second, we believe that we don’t change people. People change themselves when they are inspired, educated, loved, and find purpose in their lives. We believe that people who come face to face with their inner greatness have a desire to change for the better.

Third, we believe that we as human beings will only find true, lasting happiness (as opposed to fleeting moments of pleasure which never last) when we obey basic principles of life.


“If it weren’t for people like you there wouldn’t be grateful people like me! Thanks for being my part-time Mom. I am so grateful for all the time and effort you put into your job. It shows you really care about me.”

--K.F., Vermont

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